Clay Dirt

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Clay Dirt

Clay Dirt   | The Dirt Man  - Nashville, TN

When most people hear clay dirt, they think of the sticky kind that becomes hard and nearly impossible to work with. This is not necessarily true; it all depends on how it’s handled. Clay dirt has many uses, particularly in the construction and gardening industries. The Dirt Man can help you decide if clay dirt is the right kind for you in the Nashville, TN or surrounding areas.

In construction, clay dirt is used as filler for holes in the brick or cob making process, and in some forms of tile work. The construction industry uses this type of dirt the most. But that doesn’t mean landscaping companies or homeowners can’t take advantage of this nutrient-rich soil.

Clay dirt is high in nutrients that some plants, such as roses and Indian grass, need. For the landscaper, using this soil can help those types of plants thrive where they might otherwise do poorly. This type of soil can also create a barrier to moisture, making it a great filler dirt around basements, water sensitive plantings, foundations, raised garden beds, and more.

The question of whether clay dirt is the right kind for your project will be determined by what you hope to accomplish. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at The Dirt Man can help you understand how to best use their clay dirt and decide if it’s the right soil for your needs.

For more information on the types of clay and other soil they offer, to speak with one of The Dirt Man’s experienced staff about the uses of clay dirt, or to place an order in the Nashville, TN and surrounding areas, please give them a call or contact them through their online form.

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