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The Dirt Man offers high quality top soil to the Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. This type of dirt works both in construction sites and homeowner projects. Their dirt has many applications, depending on the type you want.

Gravel— At The Dirt Man, they offer two types of gravel: 3/4” limestone and pea gravel. Their limestone gravel is pre-washed and works great in drainage projects, pipe back fill, and some forms of landscaping finishes. Pea gravel pieces, on the other hand, are smaller at 3/8” for brown creek gravel. This type of dirt is used in landscaping, water features, and some hardscape applications.

Rock and Crusher Run—If you need to fill in large holes or level a large area, than you might benefit from the 2” Limestone rocks that The Dirt Man offers. These work great to fill in voids and help build up land so that it’s level for construction projects. To fill in the gaps between the limestone, crusher run works well. Both types will need to have quality topsoil in place before they can grow plants. Crusher run, a limestone product, is ideal for use in walkways and driveways.

Sand—Two types of sand are available through The Dirt Man: coarse sand and fine brown sand. Coarse brown sand is commonly used across multiple applications and has been screened to remove large clots, through smaller bits will remain. For a smoother product, you can use the fine brown sand which has been screened to remove all aggregate pieces.

For more information on the types of dirt available through The Dirt Man in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, please give them a call or inquire through their online contact form. You can also use the form to place your bulk order.

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