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Top soil is a very important material for all outdoor or construction projects. This type of dirt is used as the top layer of soil where plants will grow. Without quality top soil that has gone through the proper dirt screener processes, grasses, gardens, and other vegetation may have a hard time growing once your project is complete.

The Dirt Man has two types of top soil for their customers in the Nashville and surrounding areas.

Contractors Top Soil—This type of soil is freshly dug and works great to cover large expanses. It has more clots and other naturally occurring debris than its finer graded counterpart. When you need to move dirt by equipment, this is the soil you want.

To learn more about the types of top soil at The Dirt Man, please give their knowledgeable staff a call today, or send an inquiry through their online form. If you know which soil meets your needs, please use their online order form at your convenience.

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